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Here is a listing of general web resources.

Internet Resources

Accessible Web Page Design
Web page design resources

Acronym Finder
Find over 186,000 acronyms and abbreviations.

Anti-Spam software – Consumer and ISP

Bulletin Board
North Carolina Immigration Attorney Doug Holmes’ mixture of immigration information, Web news and humor

Scientific, currency, time, unit and other calculators

CEO Express
An impressive number of business and news links

Color Chart, allows input of code and background and foreground input and comparisons

Company Research

Consultwebs.com Articles and Tips

Consultwebs.com Web Art Page
Original Free and For Sale Web Art

Consultwebs.com Video Overview

Consumer Reports Online

Webmaster Resources

CUI’s Collection
Some Of The Most Useful Search Engines Available

Dale Tincher’s – Internet and Web Articles

Deja News
The Leader In Archived Newsgroups, Discussions, Resources

The Digital Education Network
Web based presentations, PowerPoint, FP & More

Disability Accessible Web Page Design

Searches Many Search Engines With One Entry

Dr. Green’s House Calls

Great solution for Internet Fax capability

Find Law Message Boards
Anyone can post a message and get a response from a legal professional or another group member.

Findlaw Small Business
Small Business Links by FindLaw

Best of The Web

Good resources including: Beyond.com Update – Get the latest in software, hardware, and technology news delivered straight to your inbox!; ClickTheButton.com – Free download that lets you get a price comparison while you are browsing an online store, Dummies Daily Microsoft Excel ’97 Tips – Free Excel ’97 tips, hints, and update information, Hot Shareware Tip of the Day – Free daily tips on the hottest shareware available and more…

Free Web Courses
Photoshop, HTML, FrontPage, Javascript

FrontPage tutorial by Consultwebs.com
PowerPoint based

Global BIZ Directory.com
Business directory

Provides a Web interface to convert documents from PDF, Word DOC, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats into nice browser-legible HTML.

Learn how everything works!

Humor Page
A must for the busy Web traveler

Color Chart, a wide choice of colors

Images for Webs
Consultwebs.com’s art, graphics and photos

Inc. On-line
By Small Office Computing and Home Office Computing

The Ultimate Directory – People, Places, Etc., Etc.

Extensive Web resources

Internet Fax and messaging

Internet Fax and messaging – another superb product

Law Soft
Legal software, trainers, resources and tips

Legends & Folklore
Urban legends, folklore & Web hoaxes

Compare products & prices around the world

NetDummy Archive
Excellent listing of Web resources (and some comedy.) Click on the calendar dates.

Loaded with business tips

OneLook Dictionaries
(1566511 words in 223 dictionaries) – Includes Net Terms

Accept credit cards and online checks without having to set up a merchant account.

PC Magazine – Internet Sharing
Windows’ new Internet Connection Sharing can cut down on costs when you want to give Internet access to multiple users

PC Magazine
By PC Tech Tips

Project Bartley Archive
(Keats, Dickinson, Wilde & Others)

Your one-stop reference desk

Shakespeare Links
Shakespeare – Including “The Complete Works”

Small devices including Palms, phones and more

Sports NC
Consultwebs.com’s North Carolina and national sports resources & links

U.S. Small Business Administration
SBA Links

Web Calculators
Time Value Software’s financing, lease, retirement, mortgage calculators

Web Instructors
Consultwebs.com’s Web instructor resources

Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology

Web Photos Page
North Carolina photos taken by Consultwebs.com; primarily of the Triangle, but expanding

The Webmaster’s Reference Library

WebReference Web Stats Links

Web resources, prices and tips

Excite’s business tips and resources

Yahoo’s Compilation – of Year 2000 Resources

Internet Categories, Terms & More

Yahoo Internet Life’s Best Sites for 2000

Internet section


The Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
A site taking a proactive approach to curb inappropriate advertising on usenet newsgroups and via junk e-mail.

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

Consultwebs.com Articles on Spam Prevention, Blocking & Rerouting

Spam prevention tips from Earthlink.

Fight Spam on the Internet!
A very useful California based anti-spam website loaded with useful information.

The Mail Abuse System LLC
A nonprofit California organization whose mission is to defend the Internet’s e-mail system from abuse by spammers.

The MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
A method of reporting networks that are slow or unresponsive to your requests for assistance in bringing down spammers.

Abuse addresses & IPs guilty of spamming.

Spam and Junk Email: Against the Onslaught
Useful advice and explanations of how to avoid spam email messages.

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You Have To Have An Email Policy

Cyberspace Law Institute
Company Email Policy — Assemble a Policy

Internet Usage & E-Mail Policies: Selected References

New York Law Journal, September 14, 1998
Keeping an Eye on Employee E-mail

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