ABI World
Featuring a search engine for searching bankruptcy opinions by state

Advertising Law
By Lew Rose of NetLawyers List Serve and the Washington, D.C. law firm of Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn

American LawSource On-Line
A comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law that are available without charge

Attorneys’ Toolbox
Links to major substantive law on the internet

Basic Legal Citation
This hypertext primer on legal citation by Cornell Law School’s Peter W. Martin is based on the “Bluebook

Bomis Legal Ring
List of Major Legal Research Sites

The catalog of catalogs of law on the Net. Search by text, category or topic

Class Action
Helpful, extensive and well-organized links for class action claims and litigation on the web. Intended for both consumers and professionals.

Company Research

Construction, Arbitration and Employment Law Links
Fortney & Klingshirn

Cornell Law Library Web Site

Court Decisions on the 2nd Amendment

Counsel Quest
Array of legal and governmental resources available on the internet in a quick, concise and easy to use format

Court Related Web Sites
Includes links to State Courts, Federal Courts and International Court Web Sites

Department of Labor (DOL)

Drexel Library
Collection of Resources geared toward finding information on the Internet

Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
Researched, written in plain language and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime. Federal Courts, Regulations, Agencies and Documents; International Law; Union Resources; State Courts and Laws; Legislation; Pay-Per-Use services; Legal Organizations; Also contains AFL-CIO Labor on Line, but you must be an LCC subscriber to access

Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk

Encyclopædia Britannica
Complete Encyclopedia now online and available for searching

Federal Government Document Center
By Columbia University Libraries, featuring Congressional Bills from the 103rd through 106th Congress, the Legislative Process of Bills, Senate and Representative Committee Schedules, Executive Reports, Tready Documents, Congressional Record, Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Federal and State Freedom of Information Links

FindLaw Internet Legal Sources

Freight and Carrier Law

Health Care and Medical Sites

Hieros Gamos
Links and address of associations, law schools, services, consultants and more, boasting 50,000+ law and government URL’s

Internet Law Library
Extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web; providing facts, analysis and pertinent quotes from cases of interest to those involved in New Media addressing copyright, trademark, dilution and other intellectual property issues, jurisdiction, linking, framing, meta tags, clip-art, defamation, domain name, e-mail, encryption, gambling, click-wrap agreements, shrink-wrap licenses, spamming and other subjects. Site is another of’s favorites

The Internet Law Library
Now Hosted by Law Guru This resource contains links to: U.S. State and Territorial Laws, Laws of other Nations, Treaties and International Law, Laws of all Jurisdictions and so much more

Internet Law Library – Pritchard Law Webs
Search the U.S. Code, U.S. Code Classification Tables, Codification Legislation, Downloadable U.S. Code Titles, Code of Federal Regulations, Law Library, U.S. Federal Laws (Arranged by Original Published Source) U.S. Federal Laws (Arranged by Agency), U.S. State and Territorial Laws & Laws of Other Nations.

Internet Legal Resource Guides

Jacob Burns Law Library
(‘Other Catalogs’ & ‘Student Resources’ are the hot spots.)

Jurist Law Resource Links
Site by Pitt University

Find a Lawyer, Government & Legislation, Legal Research, Courts, Law Enforcement and more
The online center for the legal profession.

Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C., Inc.
The Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C. (LLSDC) was established in 1939 for educational, informational and scientific purposes.

Laws Online
Directory of law text and case sites. All Federal branches of government and state laws and codes and courts are covered; Court sites included are both Federal and Circuit. Most sites listed are free

Law Talk
Reference/Research, United Kingdom resources

Laws on Imaged Documents by State
Optical Imaging Acceptance by State Courts

Legal Information on the Internet

Legal Dictionary – Lectric Library
The ‘Lectric Law Library Reference Room.

Legal Research Using The Internet
University of Chicago Law School – Ms. Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Lexis-Nexis Web Lectures
Free Web lectures Subjects currently covered are:1. Business Law, including corporations, securities regulation,antitrust, and bankruptcy law; 2. Civil Procedure; 3. Constitutional Law; 4. Contract Law; 5. Criminal Law; 6. Cyberspace Law – Electronic Commerce Issues; 7. Cyberspace Law – Speech and Privacy Issues; 8. Environmental Law; 9. Family Law; 10. Human Rights Law 11. Intellectual Property; 12. Labor and Employment Law 3. Legal Research and Writing; 14. Property Law 15. Public International Law; 16. Taxation Law; 17. Torts

A new online resource for legal research professionals. It provides categorized and searchable links to research sources, bibliographies, pathfinders, articles, reviews, papers, legal news, and tips.

MedicalResearch Consultants
High-quality, credible medical literature designed to assist in a successful outcome for each case

National Legal Research Group
Research, Analysis and Writing – Fee Site

New Hampshire Judicial Branch
This site is a source for information from the New Hampshire Court System.

Ninth Circuit Rules
The Ninth Circuit has adopted amendments to its Circuit Rules that were effective January 1, 1999. The text of the amendments have been incorporated into the Circuit Rules available on the Appellate Counsellor Home Page

The Reference Desk
An encyclopedia index providing links to calendars, airlines, search engines, measurement converter, 1996 Statistical Abstracts, etc.

Your one-stop reference desk.

Rominger Legal Research
Search engines for major legal resources, legal and non-legal sites including major news groups

Southern New England School of Law
Major Legal Sites, Canadian Law, European Law, Human Rights, Law Journals & Review, Law Schools, Federal Government and Federal Agencies, Historical Documents

Donna Fryer –¬† Internet training, competitive intelligence, online research

Sponsored by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University, Stumpers-L was founded as an email-based resource where reference librarians can help each other find the answers to difficult questions

Tarlton Law Library
From the University of Texas

University of Colorado
(A fair listing of various internet resources.)

University of Michigan Document Center
Central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international

U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
Includes Senate Executive Journal, House Journal, Annals of Congress, Maclay’s Journal and Senate Journal.

Ronald S. Huttner LL.B (Hons) Computer-Assisted Legal Research links

WWW Multimedia Law-Internet
This site keeps you ahead of the rest with sources for copyright and new-media law!
Free daily Law Highlights Of The Latest Cases, Online Product Catalog With Latest Products For Order

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