Medical And Drugs

American Society of Health -System Pharmacists

Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors

Bazelon Center of Mental Health Law
“Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of people with mental disability,” including mental illness, retardation, and mental/emotional disabilities, with respect to housing, health care, family support, and issues of institutionalization

Center for Reproductive Law and Policy

Find a doctor, read how to file a medical complaint, contact information available for state medical boards, along with hyperlinks when available and a link to Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors

Doc Finder
AIM Participating State Licensing Authorities, Doc Finder – Over 450,000 Physician Listings

Doctor Find American
Medical Association AMA Physician Locator

Dr. Greene’s House Calls

Emedicine Inc. offers Emergency Medicine, an electronic interactive textbook of more than 650 topics pertaining to the diagnosis and management of disorders in emergency settings. In addition to text, the resource offers downloadable color x-rays, illustrations and pictures

Federal Health Agencies

Forensic Psychiatry & Medicine

Genetic Technologies
Genetic information from some of the field’s experts

HealthCare Lawyers

Health Law

Health Law Resource
Site intended as a resource for health care practitioners, professionals or anyone interested in learning more about the dynamic field of health care law, and more specifically, the regulatory and transactional aspects of health care law practice

Health Lawyers Resource Center

Comparative hospital pricing and outcome data for over 400 diagnoses for consumers, hospital administrators, physicians, and managed care managers to determine the best values in health care

Provides links to specific, evaluated information resources on the World-Wide Web selected by librarians and information professionals at leading academic medical centers in the Midwest. Selection emphasizes quality information aimed at assisting health care professionals as well as consumers in meeting their health information needs

Litigation support program for attorneys dealing with personal injury cases, medical malpractice or other medically based claims.  Also used by nurse paralegals, nurse consultants, claims adjustors or other legal professionals who deals regularly with medical issues.  Also see, and

MD Consult
(Fee based) deliver authoritative medical information to physicians

Medical and Health Web Sites

Modern Health Care

Modern Healthcare Business News

National Health Law Program, Inc.

Negligence, Product Liability and Malpractice Sites

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Researching Medical Literature on the Web
Article providing medical research links and an explanation of what each site offers

RxList-The Internet Drug Index

WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server

Recall Guide
Recall Guide is the most effective, easiest to use medication tracking platform on the market. Best of all, it’s free! Keep track of your medications, and learn about important recalls and prescription information that may directly affect you.

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