International Law

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law

Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)
Study of crime and criminal justice in Australia and criminal justice information including criminal justice statistics, libraries, and news releases related to Australia and New Zealand

Australasian Legal Information Institute
Links to Australian Law and World Law Links

British Columbia Superior Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

Canadian Government Links

Canadian Department of Justice

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
“The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is a Special Operating Agency of Industry Canada. CIPO administers the intellectual property (IP) system in Canada and disseminates IP information.”

Supreme Court of Canada
Decisions in French and English

Government of Canada
Includes Federal Organizations, Telephone Directory

Provincial and Territorial Governments of Canada

Chinese Law Resources on the Internet
Site is in English

Chinese Legal Research Center
The site is divided into three sections: Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Each section has a
collection of numerous, often annotated links to legal, governmental, and background news
and information resources on the web, both in Chinese and English

Danish and International Law
In Danish only

Denmark, Danish Law Site in English

Denmark Magnus Legal Database
– Contains codes, regulations and cases

Denmark’s Retsinformation
The official law database of the government of Denmark, including all legislation adopted in the past 15 years

Folketinget Denmark Parliament database
Newest law proposals

El Web Juridico
Spanish only

European Commission Libraries Catalogue
Bibliographic database of the European Commission library, containing approximately 172,000 catalogue records in a searchable database

European Center for Space Law

European Roma Rights Center
The European Roma (meaning Gypsies) Rights Center (ERRC) is an international organization, based in
Hungary, which monitors the legal and socio-economic position of European Rom communities

European Union Internet Resources
Collection of European Union-related links. Access to EU servers, bibliographic databases,
document collections, journals, legislative information and treaties

European Union Outline
Treaties, Legislation, Commission decisions, Case law, Press releases, and
other documents concerning competition policy

Finland:Law Information Center

Foreign and International Regulation of Securities
Also includes U.S. Securities Resources

Foreign Trade Information System
Collection of trade and investment resources on Foreign Trade Information System.
Summaries of the provisions of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), CARICOM
the agreement establishing the Caribbean Community), and the Uruguay Round are available

Fiji Government

Case summaries, press releases pertaining to the law and the Internet (site in French only)

Germany’s Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbrucken
German primary legal statutes and court reports

German Law and Government

Governmental institutions
Includes links to parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-national organizations etc. More than 12000 entries from 219 countries and territories

Greece’s Constitution
Site in English

Guide to Foreign & International Databases
Legal search engines, directories, virtual libraries, foreign databases and topic banking, bankruptcy, civil codes, constitutions, intellectual property, international trade, international criminal law and the United Nations

High Court of Australia
Link to a database containing over 6,500 reported and unreported decisions

Hong Kong Legal Resources
Site is in English

House of Commons
Library Research Papers (United Kingdom)

House of Lords
English Judgments delivered since 14 November 1996

Institute for Legal Documentation of the Italian National Research Council
Created by the Istituto per la Documentazione Giuridica (IDG) containing a variety of materials on Italian law

International Association of Law
Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

International Law Dictionary
Definitions of words and phrases used in private and public international law with cross-references (by link) to related words and phrases. (And more.)

International Law Commission
Work of International Law Commission which met in Geneva and New York in
1998 for its fiftieth session. The Commission prepares articles to promote
both the progressive development and codification of international law

International Telephone Directories on the Web

International Money Laundering Information Net work

International Supreme Court Decisions

Irish Law Site

Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict

Lex Mercatoria
This site provides information on international commercial law with subsidiary interests in commerce and information technologies that may be of interest to law academics and professionals worldwide.
This site includes links to over 1,400 sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets. You can browse to find the resource you need, or search by keyword. International laws and resources are provided as well.

National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus
Database contains more than 20000 legal acts issued by the President, Parliament, Government, National Bank, ministries, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Economic Court, and international treaties (in Russian and Belarussian)

The Netherlands National Library
Site in English

Netherlands’ The Dutchess
English version of search engine for Dutch Internet Resources

New York University Journal of International Law & Politics

Norwegian Maritime Laws

One Stop Shopping for European Copy Right Law

Pacific Law Sites
From the University of Waikato Law Library

Privacy and Human Rights
An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Practice

Private International Law
Web site is in English and French and provides the full text of the Hague conventions and
reports on their present status

University of Pittsburgh’s comprehensive index of electronic resources on the Balkans, the Baltic states, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Central Europe, the CIS, Eastern Europe, the NIS, the Russian Federation, and the former Soviet Union

Sweden’s Parliament Site documents: private members’ motions, committee reports, records, interpellations and questions, Information about elections and referendums as well as the political parties represented in the Riksdag, Databases containing parliamentary documents and various registers

Republic of Turkey, State Institute of Statistics

Roman Law
Available in English, German, Italian and Latin. The English portion provides introductory
material on Roman law and fragments of Latin texts from the Digests, Code of Justinian, and some glosses

Slovenian Law
This fee-for-view site contains 8 databases including: legislation (start date unknown), all regulations
(starting in 1995), court decisions, the official gazette and a bibliographic database of journal articles.
Without paying, one can search in many of the databases, but the results will be only the titles
that may be of interest. NOTE: only the summary area is currently in English

Bank of Slovenia
Laws and Regulations, Exchange Rates, Interbank Interest Rates, Base Rate, Bank Rates and Coins.
The laws in Slovene are generally on a different site and will require language support for the diacritics.
The English language material requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader

South African Government Information

Systematische Sammlung des Bundesrechts
Recueil Systematique du Droit Federal (Swiss federal law). Official site of Switzerland, Constitution, laws, ordinances in French, German, Italian

Taiwan Legal Resources
Site is in English

United Nations
Provides a wealth of international information including specific laws and issues.

University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
World Legal Systems, sponsored by the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa,
Classifies countries of the world into six categories of legal systems: civil law, common
law, customary law, Islamic law, Talmudic law and mixed law. Available in English, French
and Spanish

URLAW Legal Research Center
Access to international laws, resources and forms.

U.S. Committee For Refugees

U.S. State Department
Authentication documents foreign countries

U.S. Committee for Refugees

Portal to UK (United Kingdom) Legal Resources

Ronald S. Huttner LL.B (Hons) Computer-Assisted Legal Research links

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