Environmental Law

AgNIC-the Agriculture Network Information Center
A centralized resource for information from the government and other sources about
the science and business of agriculture including AGRICOLA, a heavy-duty database
of three million bibliographic records and AgNIC, is a resource of more than 1,000 links to
agricultural information on the Internet

Chemical tracking

The Energy Information Administration

Environmental Impact Analysis Data Links
Agricultural ;Endangered Species ; Energy ; Hydrologic; Meteorologic; Pollution Prevention; Socio-economic; Spatial; Wetlands; State and Regional; International; Abbreviations Used

Environmental Insight
Attorney Dr. James M. Kuszaj’s EPCRA compliance information and Environmental Insight newsletter

Environmental News Network
Search the Environmental News Network

Environmental Protection Agency
EPA laws and regulations, searchable database

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Service (ENTRI)
Over 160 treaties in full text, papers on various topics of environmental law and links to other organizations

European Environmental Law Homepage
A useful resource for European environmental law, with an emphasis on the European Community; list of EU environmental treaties, EC regulations, decisions, and directives, and relevant national legislation of the EC members, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and material on Eastern Europe generally , Case law from 1988 to 1998 in searchable format for the European Commission and Court of First Instance

Fossil Energy Page
From the Department of Energy

Pollution Online

Public Works Online

Solid Wastes Online

State of Texas Government Information

Topicality Agencies
Topicality Agencies including Center for Disease Control, Department of Human Services, EPA and many more

Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
Two databases containing 150 water-related treaties and 39 interstate compacts within the United States

TOXLIT Resources
Toxlit Resources Toxlaw has precision tools especially for toxic tort litigators, like the Toxlaw Legal Bookmarks

The Toxlaw Reference Desk
The Toxlaw Reference Desk

Water Online Pollution Online

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