Criminal Law

Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA)

Top 100 Criminal Justice Sites

?cole de criminologie
University of Montreal

Criminal Law and International Law Links

FBI Home Page

Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center
Database contains information about suspects and defendants
processed in the Federal criminal justice system

Institute of Criminology
The University of Sydney

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Kentucky Criminal Links

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)

The National Fraud Information Center
Includes links on internet fraud, telemarketing fraud and fraud on the elderly.

Penal Law Web
Criminal Law site

Rule of Law
Crime and Justice Worldwide. Also check into their distribution list for weekly updates from Rule of Law Sourcebook which keeps track of all law and justice related resources on the Internet

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Tennessee Criminal Law

Tharrington Smith, LLP: North Carolina Criminal Tax Lawyers / IRS Tax Defense Attorneys, Tax Evasion, Failure to File, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

TnCrimLaw Tennessee Criminal Law Defense

United States Attorneys’ Manual

United States Department of Justice Home Page

U.S. Sentencing Commission

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